How Much Does an

Australian Labradoodle Cost?


Purchasing an Australian Labradoodle like Lola, costs $2,500.00 per puppy. As you have read, an Australian Labradoodle is a very special dog, so puppies come at a higher price than some might expect. As you will read under my guarantee, purchasing a puppy from Lola's litter will include what we call a "puppy package." We want to provide the best experience for adopting such a special puppy.


Why So Much?

You may be asking yourself, why are these puppies so expensive? The answer comes down to a few different variables. Puppies can vary in pricing because of the cost of breeding, the specific breed, and the certainty of the puppy you will receive. Many people don't realize the costs that are associated with breeding an Australian Labradoodle, especially doing it right. Adopting a puppy can come with uncertainties when purchasing at a shelter or puppy shop. Finding a breeder who knows the health of the parents decreases the risk of health issues arising in the puppies, along with the care that goes into taking care of the mother throughout her pregnancy. Overall, pricing "just depends" on these things and customers will get what they pay for. 

Adoption Process

  1. The first thing we want to do is learn about you and what you are looking for in a puppy! You will fill out and send in our Puppy Adoption Application Form.

  2. We will review your application and call you to discuss adopting a puppy with you further and let you know about our puppy matching process.

  3. If we're both in agreement that you will adopt one of our puppies, you will give us a $500 non-refundable deposit.

  4. We will email you when your puppy is born and send you weekly photos and updates about the development and growth of your puppy!

  5. The final payment of $2000 will be required when the puppy is 6 weeks old.

  6. Between 6-6.5 weeks, we will have a puppy meeting day. If you are local, you'll come visit at a specific time, if you're remote, this will be done via Facetime. At this time you will sign your purchase contract.

  7. We will perform conformation and temperament testing at 7 weeks of age, after which your puppy will be allocated to you. You will receive an email introducing you to your new family member.

  8. At 8 weeks old, your puppy will become the newest member of your family! You will be given a pick-up date and time to come and collect your sweet bundle of joy!


Moose is the most fantastic dog! I was so fortunate that Moose came into my life when he did! Lindsay and Jason were wonderful to work with and the amount of love Moose received when he was born is evident every day. Moose is funny, quirky and cuddly! He wants to play with everyone and he has just the right amount of energy! He receives compliments on every walk we go on. He has the most beautiful fur and feels like a teddy bear. He was very easy to train and follows commands. I just love, love Moose dog and am so happy to have him as my fur baby!
— J. Arthur

Our Last Litter

Lola Details:

GorgeousDoodles Darling Ka'Torie call name “Lola”


  • Excellent family pedigree is certified ALAA-#040645

  • Gorgeous red apricot soft curly fleece Coat

  • Approx. 19.8lbs – 17 inches paw to shoulder tall

  • OFA Hips is Good


  • *CERF, is very good and normal.

  • *DNA tested by Paw Print Genetic

  • *PRA is clear Normal / EIC is Clear Normal / vWD is Clear and Normal

  • Thyroid full panel is Normal

Sire: “Story’s Apache Warrior AKA Chase” Owned by Tracy Wynn of Desert Winds Labradoodles”

ALAA#:  ALAA-035148

ALCA#:  131-01172014-012-LD1

  • Apricot-Red/White Parti, wavy fleece coat

  • Approx. 30lbs – 18 inches paw to shoulder tall

  • OFA/Wallace Hips: Good           Pennhip Hips: L: 0.44/R: 0.43/80th% OFA/Wallace Elbows: Normal           OFA Eye: Normal                              OFA Cardiac: Normal                       OFA Patella: Normal                PRA/DM/vWD, EIC, and IC: Clear Thyroid panel: Normal

We are excited to introduce CO Labradoodle's newest litter of gorgeous puppies! 

Lola delivered 7 healthy puppies on July 4th, 2019!

See below for the first pictures of these Independence Day pups.



My Guarantee As A Breeder

I am so happy and excited to provide you with the dog that you have always wanted. Below you will find what I guarantee as a breeder, which can also be called the "puppy package."


  • 2 Year health warranty

  • First 2 vaccinations

  • Deworming

  • Micro chip with registration

  • ALAA registration

  • Puppy folder with parents health certificates, puppy health records & pedigree

  • First few days of food

  • Comfort blanket/stuffed toy

  • Harness and or leash

General Inquiries

If you have general inquiries, please submit this form. 


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Submit an Application

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